To become a true ally, you must be able to articulate your transformation. What did you used to think? What have you learned? What do you think now? When you know and understand your story, and why you do what you do, you don’t need a list of do’s and don'ts on how to be an ally. It just becomes who you are and how you think. There are no inner conflicts or dilemmas because you are in complete alignment. To become a true ally, you must intentionally put yourself in new situations so you can grow. You grow because you know that your personal growth will result in a better world where other people will feel like they belong and are valued. Being an ally requires that you go on a journey.    

- Jared Karol

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When we are in the aware stage of the ally continuum, we seek to fully understand, and we begin to remove our ego from the equation. We realize the dual nature of the work – developing ourselves so that we are aware of the support we can offer other people.


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When you are in the active stage of the ally continuum your default position is that there is room for everyone to succeed and thrive. You don't worry about zero-sum scenarios, and you realize that using your positional, political, or social power can be used for good – to uplift others who may not have the same access to opportunities. 


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Because you have done your own personal development work, you understand that championing the success of others is not a threat to your own success. You do not feel threatened when other people advance, and you use your power to create policy and process changes to make all aspects of society more equitable and inclusive to everyone. You are establishing new norms and challenging the status quo. You do all this with purpose and drive. You are an advocate because you know that it is the right thing to do.