nandi55 is a writer, singer, actress and producer. Born and raised in the San Francisco Bay Area, growing up she was always on a stage. From the historical Oakland MLK Oratorical Festival to talent shows or running for school office, nandi55 has always been fearless about expressing her talent and strong points of view in order to affect change. After obtaining her degree in Art and Social Change at the University of California, Santa Cruz she moved to NYC where she honed her acting skills at Black Nexxus under the tutelage of Susan Batson and Carl Ford. She also wrote children's musicals with themes of social awareness for a New York University funded children's theatre company. Working for NYU she took advantage of all the writing, musik and theatre classes she could. Her need to learn more about the Film and Television industry lead her to Los Angeles, California where she split her time between performing with her band on the Sunset Strip and learning to write television series and films.

Currently living in London, nandi55 started studio55productions to continue developing and producing projects that educate and entertain.

Peter Miller, better known as Phyneart was born into an artistic family in East London who nurtured his love for the arts.  As a child he soaked-up all artistic expression from galleries to comic books and everything in between. His passion for the arts led him to take a foundation course at The City & Guilds of London Art School and proceeded to Kingston University where he received a Bachelors Degree in Fine Art. Influenced by painters such as Lucien Freud and Francis Bacon, Miller uses oils and acrylics as his tools to emphasize texture, colour and emotion in his artwork. His more recent works adding harder and more expressive outlines to his subjects, gives a nod to Frank Miller and Mike Mignola with their comic book and graphic art sensibilities. Miller creates what he calls ‘AMALGAMY-ART’. Amalgamy-art as he defines it simply means combining valuable matter. Using pen and paper as if they were paint and canvas, with mixed media to create fabric textures, he combines valuable artistic styles to create powerful and striking illustrations.

Most days you will find Miller, now co-owner of STUDIO55 PRODUCTIONS and a freelance illustrator, creating content for companies such as the NBA and Roc Nation while working on commissions for small businesses, artists, and private clientele. You can also view his paintings and drawings in exhibitions across London.